Company Profile

PELTEK, is a Manufacturer,Exporter & provider of  Water meters,Flow meters, Smart AMR Water Meters ,AMR (Automatic Meter Reading ) wireless solutions, who dedicated to research for many years on devlopment of these products & solutions.
We provide Wireless AMR Solution for Water Meters,Gas Meters & Electricity Meters to help utilities around the world.
We are in the leaders for  flow metering technology ,water metering in utilities & Wireless Automatic Meter Reading solutions.
We perfectly understand the requirement of different Utilities around the world weather it is AMR metering, Bulk metering, SCADA Automation, 24 × 7 implementation, Leak detection,Theft protection, Hydraulic modeling or complete EPC contract as operator and try to execute it successfully in strict time frame.
We are committed to develop the products & services suitable to  Utilities.
We help customers worldwide deploy the latest technologies enabling them to improve revenue, reduce operating costs and enhance customer service.
Our approach allows utilities to implement flexible, cost-effective reading systems that can be integrated into today's operations, yet allows the system to evolve as the utility grows or as technology advances.
We have an strong R&D team for continious devlopment.We persist to create value for clients by continuous technology innovation and invest more than 12% of revenue for R&D.